Cologne Carnival


The Cologne Carnival, there is none other like it in the world. An annual event held in Cologne, Germany every year, it is traditionally declared as open at 11:11 11/11 every year. The spirit of the carnival continues for a few days but is temporarily suspended as preparations for Christmas and New Year take place.


The Carnival however takes up full steam from 6th of January and that is the time merrymaking hits the streets officially. Street events, week long activities, parades and unimaginable views greet the eyes of onlookers. These are dubbed the crazy days by the local and it takes place starting from Fat Tuesday till Ash Wednesday. The biggest highlight though of the Carnival is the Rose Monday and the Disc World Cup that occurs two days prior to Ash Wednesday. Every single resident and visitor to Cologne must go out as masqueraded during this event and speak the greetings to one another, “Kolle Alaaf!” meaning Cologne above everyone else.