Cologne Carnival

Visiting Cologne

First and foremost, don’t land a day before the carnival because you just won’t get the time to mingle with the crowd, make friends or see the city. Secondly, remember that Cologne is actually not a happening city unless the Carnivals are around the corner. It is a common city like any other in the entire world except for the duration of the carnival so don’t come over expecting a lot to see. Rather keep a day or two in hand for sightseeing and browsing the city, deciding which balls to attend and which places to go on which day of the carnival. Enjoy the food by basking in a wide variety of foods and juices. Try a lovely fruit smoothie made with a juicer!

With that, here are some of the things you ought to do when in Cologne.

Get the Best View of the City

Crossing the river Rhine along the Deutz bridge brings you to a very pretty view of the Cologne old town with its high rise spirals and arcs plus compacted buildings together. The view is simply breath taking and takes you back to the early 19th century!

Lovelock on the Hohenzollern Bridge

Remember to cross over the Hohenzollern Bridge and you will be greeted to thousands of lovelocks that have accumulated in the past few years. Feel free to bring your own and add it to the mix. This is a romantic destination like none other.

Festivals and Light Shows

If you come around Christmas time, then you can visit the yearly Christmas markets plus festivities that happen during this time of the year. Then there is the light show too.

Beer by the Rhine

Cologne is a place to sit and chill with a pint of beer. There are so many beer gardens along the Rhine that you can simply sit at and chill with a beer in hand. Packed to the brim at all times with tourists and locals alike, it is an excellent place to get some entertainment and also build contacts, meet new folks.


Finally, eat like a pig when in Cologne. The city is well known for its amazing mixture of delicacies and restaurants. You can find Chinese, Lebanese, Mexican, German, Cuban, Indian and many more cuisines.